“They will not achieve any success.” Tawakkol Karman attacks the Southern Transitional Council


The Yemeni activist, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkol Karman, attacked the Southern Transitional Council, stressing that targeting civilians on a despicable regional basis in Aden will not achieve any success for them.

This came at a special ceremony held in Istanbul, Turkey, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of her being awarded the Nobel Prize.

And it renewed its call for stopping the war, dissolving all militias, and resuming the political process from where it left off.

It demanded that the state be the only party that monopolizes arms in conjunction with the launch of a major reconstruction project in Yemen, and the activation of a clear path for transitional justice and national reconciliation.

She explained that these measures will ensure the preservation of the Yemeni entity, pave the way for change in the hierarchy of power, and restore the national decision stolen from Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Tehran.

She pointed out that the targeting of Ma’rib and Shabwa by the Houthis will not lead to peace as is being promoted here and there, but will prolong the depth of the tragedy.

The targeting of Yemeni citizens has increased recently in the areas under the control of the Southern Transitional Council.

Since the bloody events of Crater a week ago, the forces of the UAE-backed Transitional Council have continued to launch campaigns of arrests and raids of homes in Aden, under the pretext of helping the Nubian, the battlefield in Crater, escape.

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