This is how Sanaa became in the time of Abd al-Houthi


– Sanaa is no longer but a dirty sectarian arena for the mobilization of the hungry, the poor, and the dispossessed.

– Sanaa is no longer but a dark screen of Maran Cave and a round of loudspeakers for the braying and gasping of donkeys and mules.

– Sanaa is no longer but a “vestibule” of assassinations by a hateful sectarian group that is only good at shedding blood and only expanding its cemeteries.

Sanaa is no longer nothing but queues of old cars in front of petrol stations.

Sanaa is nothing more than a pile of rickety motorbikes in front of a street vendor in the black market, waiting for a bottle of petrol.

– Sanaa is no longer but tons of waste that emits foul and foul odors..

– Sanaa is no longer nothing but queues of hungry people in front of a crusader organization, waiting for a bag of flour with which to stave off their hunger and that of their children.

– Sanaa is no longer but a street inhabited by groups of mentally ill and psychologically handicapped..

– Sanaa is no longer nothing but dark basements for a damn sectarian charge..

– Sanaa is no longer but a dumping ground for the garbage of Saada and the filth of Maran.

Sanaa is no longer but an abandoned mosque, a closed school, a homeless child, a miserable woman, a lost man, a miserable employee, a hypocritical sheikh and a humiliated soldier.

– Sanaa is no longer but a spit for Tabardaq and the ugly face of a gunman from the time of Louis XIX.

– Sanaa is no longer only a closed city and not an open city as the writer Abdul Wali Nashir wanted it, and its wish was as he wanted because it became worse than he wanted..!?..

This is Sanaa, awaiting your return, the return of the patriots of the sons of Sheba and Himyar, and all the free people of Yemen, to wash away from it the humiliation of shame that befell it and to sweep away the rot that has befallen it.


An accurate description of a citizen living the ordeal.

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