This is the force that forced the Houthis to release the sorrow of Taiz


Where there is honest power, there is virtue, freedom without power to guard it; It remains just a bare theoretical right, which any intruder can confiscate from you. The army succeeded in liberating the prisoners in Taiz, through a peaceful deal or a military battle, it does not matter, it is the majesty of power, and nothing else. Every neighborhood and house, when you have arms to protect you, becomes negotiable with you and puts your life into consideration and value.

For decades, the people of Taiz and the central regions in general lived as soldiers in the service of the center, they remained exposed without an institutional force to protect their interests, nor a military balance guarantor of their future, nor a comprehensive state that shades them under its care.

The country imploded, and, as far as the war was, a painful wound; But it represented a historic beginning to correct the imbalances of public life. The condolences bled a lot, but they came out of their ordeal with high heads and a military force guarantor of the future, comparable to their large civilian presence throughout the country.

If today there is someone who deserves to be sent salutations to him, stand before him in honor, for he is your army coming from your circles, this is your great gain, preserve it; In order to secure your future during the war years and beyond, he is from you and to you, he may get confused here and there, transient confusions that do not reflect his biased essence towards you, but he remains, in general, a force rising from the midst of a wounded people, who has tasted the same troubles, and he cannot separate from you or turn against you one day. What, and as you do when there is an escape here and there, stand beside him; In order to intensify and overcome all his stumbling blocks, to reach the final salvation and the moment of great safety.

maximizing peace for army heroes

A day mingles with tears and delights, good evening, Taiz.

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