This is the Hadawi Zaidi school of thought in Yemen!


The armed Houthi the practical embodiment of the concepts of the Hadawi Zaydi sect..which stipulate the necessity of (the imam coming out, wielding his sword).

The Hadawi sect is a bloody acknowledges the seizure of political armed force..and this is what the imams have done throughout history (the exodus bearing their swords) starting from (Al-Jazzar in the year 189 AH.. to Al-Hadi in the year Abdullah bin the house of Hamid.. Al-Din .. to Hussein Badr Al-Din and his brother Abdul-Malik), so they ignited strife and wars, plundered the blood and money of Yemenis, and demolished their homes, all to satisfy their ambitions for power and wealth.

And the Houthi not an independent scientific reference..from the reference of the Hadawi Zaidi sect..Hussain Badr al-Din and his brother are not scholars..but rather leaders of the military wing..for scholars of the sect..such as Majd al-Din al-Muayyad..and Muhammad al-Mansour.. Hamoud Abbas al-Muayyad..and Ahmed Al-Shami .. and Al-Murtada Al-Mahtori .. and all the scholars of the sect spread among the Yemeni tribes in what is known as the desertion of the masters.

And these scholars..they are the ones who prepared the fighting base..for the Houthi through the circles of quiet education..and even Lieutenant Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi..written by the scholars of the sect..and announced at the beginning of the movement that they were not responsible for al-Houthi and his that they would not bear responsibility for the blood that would be shed. Taqiyyah .. When the movement became strong, they openly declared their support for it.

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