This is the one who will defeat Al-Houthi and return him to his previous position!!


Most of the Yemenis are waiting for deliverance from the stab of pain they look at with admiration, from the deification of the militia that they rush to worship, from the prostitute they think is brave, from the humiliation of the other whom they see as honorable. The child and the weak woman are consistent in that ruthless admiration, and in appreciating power and violence, as the public does. With the bombing of houses, they rejoice, and with the demolition of schools, they rejoice, and with slogans of seduction, they rejoice, but they wait and hope for the end of the tragedy, while they rejoice in the tragedies of the other whose blood they swim in, And destroy his dignity and sanctuary. whispering; Rather, they scream in disdain, about the downfall of their Yemeni cities, one by one, at the hands of the militia, and about their ability to storm and position themselves, and flirt with their barricades, drones, and ballistic missiles, and their terrible immersion in the ranks of those who resist them in order to preserve what remains of their virginity, a virginity of honor. And the virginity of a homeland.

Strength in this resentful collective consciousness means abuse, oppression, burying, and obscuring. It does not benefit the human being, nor preserve lives, nor build schools and universities, or any effect on all of them with goodness and beauty.

The Houthi militia is not strong until the subjects submit to it, nor does Abdul-Malik al-Houthi have a steel will to be deified and intended, but it is; Behind her is a coveted woman, who finds a pasture in front of her, so she grows, and an empty space, so she stretches, andNothing will bring her back to her past except what took her to her present: greed and expansion.

Lustful passion and a mad desire to take over the necks and take over villages, cities and hills have blocked the gate of reason, and blew up the gates of instinct to its dead. They must be preserved, or others have a measure to be keen on, and they have their own destiny.

He is not great who does not see the value of his life except in belittling your life, he is not honorable who demolishes your home to rule you from your capital, he is not free to bargain with your patriotism by following him or executing you. In the eyes of neglect, the criminal is magnified, not in the eyes of the wise, in the eyes of those who suffer from inferiority complexes, and the weakness of the personal interior, not in the eyes of the prophets who are striving for perfection. It is not evil that perpetuates the wicked, but it is the sermon and the lesson, so that he does not become obsessed with what they have become, and glory is not in killing and harming, but rather in benevolence and elevating man.

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