This is the secret of the joint forces relinquishing Hodeidah and going to recover the Tabab and the mountains


The real, decisive battles are not measured by dirt, valleys, villages, districts, dead people, etc., but their measure is the extent to which we are able to end the Houthi coup and get rid of the dynastic militia’s control of the state, and the criterion for this is the restoration of the main geographical joints of the state represented in the main ruling cities of the country.

With its steadfastness, Ma’rib was able to break the thorn of the Houthi militia, and the Houthi movement is now in its weakest stage, and the battle must move from tactics to a strategy of finishing off the opponent in his own backyard, not summoning him to the parties.

In fact, the main cities that by retaking them will bring down the Houthis, which are Sana’a, Hodeidah, Saada, and below them, they will inevitably return.

Pursuing al-Houthi in the dirt, valleys and districts will not restore Yemen, nor will it restore the state, as much as it will exhaust the army and the resistance, and eventually, after exhaustion, come to accept the fait accompli.

I think that those who plan the battles do not have strategic visions or are following US-British recommendations.

Of course, America and Britain are proposing the division of Yemen and its geography according to the warring parties.

It seems, according to the Pro-American plan, that the battle is hidden in Al-Tabab and the valleys away from Sanaa, with the aim of absorbing anger, draining capabilities, and bringing the Yemenis to surrender to the imposition of partition, under the pretext of the Yemenis’ failure to defeat Al-Houthi and restore the state.

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