This is what is happening in Marib.. the unfortunate truth!!


Al-Houthi is crushing on the walls of Ma’rib, this is true, individuals and groups are being abused, through the air and with the barrel of the army’s guns. In return for these losses and the severe blows to the militia, how does it achieve gains, even if it is insignificant? It is a question of the moment and a question every day, and it requires immediately handing over the management of the battle to those who deal with it according to the military balance and according to the nature of the confrontation and in line with the thinking of Iran’s flocks.

The heroes of the national army do not need poems of praise and spinning, for their heroism is written in blood and woven with letters of light along the fronts, and the Houthis know that more than others. Except for regional deals, and internal collusion, and there is no explanation for what is happening other than this, which is a continuation of the betrayals that extend from 2014 until today.

Ma’rib is fine, and if danger lurks from every side, an existential danger is clearly visible, its fronts will make al-Houthi taste hell and fire him with fire. Of the suspicious deals, and the damned leadership that is accustomed to subservience and buying and selling, but Marib will not be a bite on the tables of harmony.

Al-Houthi’s insistence that Al-Houthi remain on the walls of Ma’rib, despite the horrific losses and killings that he incurs every day, means only one thing, which is that he has given a green light once again to try to achieve any breakthrough that benefits Iran’s negotiating table. , A clear American light, which Biden started with, since the Hashemite group was removed from the terrorist list, but in return, what will the government and the coalition do? What are their options? They do not need time if the intentions are sincere, just ignite the fronts and extend them with weapons, and the men will take charge of the task, just like that, a brave decision that will give you the ability to stand in every place and in any forum.

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