Thousands of British stations ran out of fuel due to “drivers rush”


The Gasoline Traders Association in Britain announced that thousands of petrol stations ran out of fuel, due to “drivers rush”, in light of the disruption of supplies due to the crisis of fuel tanker drivers.

The association, which runs about 5,500 independent outlets, said that thousands of British filling stations ran out of fuel on Sunday, as drivers rushed to fill their cars in light of supply disruptions due to the shortage of truck drivers transporting oil to the stations.

She added, “About two-thirds of the association’s members reported that they sold their fuel, while the rest said that their stocks are partially depleted and are on the verge of depletion.”

Long queues of cars lined up at gas stations at the weekend, and there was tension as some drivers waited for hours.

Police were called to a gas station in London today, Sunday, after clashes between drivers and “a suspect in the assault has been arrested.”

And the Department of Transport announced that “the United Kingdom has a shortage of tens of thousands of truck drivers, due to several factors, including the Corona pandemic, an aging workforce in this field, and the exodus of foreign workers following Britain’s exit from the European Union last year.”

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