Three funny stories of secular contradictions.!!


It is paradoxical and strange that many secularists accuse Islamic law of being unjust to the woman when she gave her half of the inheritance. And they challenge God’s law, forgetting that women in “Arab countries are my homelands” do not deprive anything of her inheritance except in what is rare.!
If these people were really seeking to do justice to the woman and give her her rights, they would have demanded that she obtain her inheritance that God has singled her out with, and God has multiplied their goodness.

◼️ He demands a woman’s full inheritance and deprives his sister of her inheritance!!

And I know someone who is secular to the core, who calls for the equality of women with men in everything and for her to have an inheritance equal to that of men. Their father foamed and frothed, threatened and vowed and kept screaming as if he had been bitten by Hanash, insulting her, insulting her, interrupting her and repudiating her, even though she demanded her legal share, half of his share, and not as full as he demands and calls for.!!
It seems that if she demanded that he be equal in inheritance with him, and that her share be the same as his, he would have declared a fierce war against her, like a war of slanderers and dust.!
He told her frankly:
– Are you right?!
We laugh at fools and we ask God with organizations and embassies, we have no inheritance for women and it is impossible to return our land to strangers.!!

This reminds me of the story that Judge Muhammad bin Ismail al-Omrani told – may God have mercy on him – on the authority of a preacher of one of the mosques in the Thalaa area in Imran. On her door were beggars, she gave them all their lunch. When the preacher came back and demanded lunch, she told him that she gave him alms, as he said in the sermon, so he shouted:
– What is your income? I am talking to the people of Thala. What is your income?!!
Thus, many of these secularists demand the equality of women, and if I tell him jokingly:
– As long as you demand the equality of women with men in everything, let your wife sit with us at the head of the court, and we will move together and fight for equality.
It is certain that a fierce battle will take place and it will conflict with you and blood will flow to the knees.!!

He wants the equality of the woman with the man in everything, but the woman who demands her equality with the man is not his wife, but the wives of others.
And the woman who demands her equality with the man is not his sister. If she demands her inheritance from him, then his sister has nothing to do with the matter?!!

◼️ A secularist demands that the thief’s hands and feet be cut off!

.. I know a researcher from these secularists who always said: Executing the adulterer or cutting off the hand of the thief is horrible and disgusting punishments and attacks Islamic law and taunts the door of the adulterer and the thief and calls the jurists to reconsider it. One day he left his wife and children for a walk in a park and they sat in it and walked and returned home In the evening they were surprised that one of the thieves broke the window and stole all the money and the wife was gone and then his wife was screaming and he was boiling with anger like a volcano???? And I swear by God that if he found the thief, he would cut off his hands and feet and pierce his eyes. On the second day, he went to a symposium on “Hudud in Islamic Law” and announced that he had retracted all his previous theses on the legal punishment and demanded that the thief’s hands and feet also be cut off after he was robbed, and he admitted that he He used to say that at the instigation of some suspicious organizations and because he was influenced by some of the theses of orientalists who hated Islam, and he believed after the ax fell to the head with the legal borders and their importance to the individual and society as they are a fence that protects members of society from aggression against their honor, money, bodies and other rights.

◼️ Some contradictions of the secularists .️

Unfortunately, many secularists, leftists and liberals live in a strange contradiction and schizophrenia, and some of them are like the person who boarded the train and found a bearded man and his wife veiled, so he accused him of reaction, backwardness, terrorism and various accusations. So he apologized to them and said:
– I thought you were Muslims.!!
The secular respects all religions except Islam and respects all clothes except the hijab – for Muslim women only – as for the Christian women, the hijab only increases them in dignity and decency!!
And the secular with freedom of opinion and expression for all, except for the religious Muslims, for they have no right, no expression, or establishment.!!
And the secular respects specializations, but he is an engineer or a mathematics teacher who issues fatwas in Islamic law, analyzes and prohibits, and says in them statements without evidence or knowledge, and yet he respects specializations.!!
The secularist doubts the Prophetic Sunnah, but he believes in every letter written by Aristotle, Sartre, Confucius or Karl Marx.!!
How many contradictions, wonders, strangeness and stories that laugh and cry.!!

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