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The moment of the Arab Spring was characterized by a popular revolutionary movement without leaders. It was a demolition of the idea of ​​masses led by one character. This process rose to destroy the image of the corrupt leader and did not create a good leader for it. The problem arose in the management of the stage in light of the multiplicity of heads and opinions.

President Hadi represents the death phase of the leader. This is the paragraph of leadership that Yemenis yearn for so much because of the wandering surrounding them and which Aidarous al-Zubaidi is trying to revive in a populist way, filled with expired propaganda or the primitive religious method of Abdul-Houthi, which is adorned with media, television and spiritual propaganda without sanctity.

According to Ali Al-Wardi, the time of the sultans is over and the time of the peoples has come. There is no meaning for a single leader, a charismatic leader, in a country like Yemen. Multiple sub-identities, with conflicting authority in it, with a tendency to distribute power and influence towards localities and the emergence of local leaders that will take a long time to mature and draw a coherent and balanced distance in influence and authority between the center and the parties.

Saleh exhausted the leadership balance when he did not turn it into a state charisma, and it remained confined to his person, and he was unable to establish individual charisma in any of his sons. On the contrary, some of them go to extravagance to escape from this predicament.

Tariq is striving to find his own voice, and these are attempts that require him long patience and humility, and even a complete disengagement from Saleh’s garb or his political project towards a project specific to Tariq that is commensurate with the facts of the current moment.

But what is certain is that the people should take control of their affairs and not wait for the faithful leader. The role of whoever sits on the seat of power is management, nothing more, and he should be subjected to more oversight, accountability and responsibility to ensure the best management of resources.

The leader does not make sense in Yemen because, in a nutshell, he will be a presence at the expense of the country’s political and administrative entity, and it will be a fertile farm for corruption and nepotism.

Yemen cannot produce a deified individual leader. The best embodiment of this seduction is the dhamari joke: the nimr of the spear.

It makes no sense to search for a person with supernatural qualities in this chaos, but people’s anger must be tamed to turn into positive cooperation, in which the individual is at the forefront of the task and its stake.

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