To Abdulaziz Buhaibeh in a difficult moment


Peace be upon you, son of the honorable, and offspring of the brave, and peace be upon the wounded homeland and its heroic people.

You know, Abdulaziz, that the Houthis reached the outskirts of your homes (Alfa) in September of the year 2020, and they were only less than five kilometers away from your homes, yet the war hit you, so you were its men and heroes.

A year has passed, O Abdulaziz, and you did not sleep a night in your homes. With every sunset, battles ignite on the outskirts of the homes, so you fly into their rage, while young and old hear their shells and the sound of their explosions and see their fire and flames, and as long as you return to them with victory, with a wounded or martyr with him.

The village did not fall, O Abdulaziz, until after the soil of the valley and the rock of the mountain were drenched with the blood of the righteous heroes, and it suffices you to be proud that you are a legend of sacrifice. Dozens of your cousins ​​were martyred, the last of whom was the martyr Yazan Baheibah, may God’s peace and blessings be upon them.

The village did not fall, O Abdulaziz, until after many Houthi crowds collapsed on its doorstep during hundreds of battles that took place over thirteen months, the last of which was two days ago.

In conclusion, the war did not end and the confrontations did not stop. We are still in the middle of the battle to heal the wounds and bind your heart and wait for victory, God willing, I had told you in the conclusion of a report after the martyrdom of your brother Naji …… And then what? However, history stops and bows to a family whose pain has only increased in faith and submission.

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