To Awad Al-Wazir and some leaders: You exposed us!!


In the past, we congressional leaders used to boast that we are the political organization that was founded from the womb of the nation, with a national charter, national money, ideas and a national agenda.

We used to tell others that we are a Yemeni organization that did not import from abroad like some other parties.

We were and still are proud, and we will continue to be proud of our national charter and our Yemeni organization, which everyone founded at the time, no matter how hard waves are trying to get it out.

Our plight in the conference is worse than that of others in other political organizations and parties, especially in this fateful war.

I say it briefly in this short article, which will annoy some, as usual.

In this war, many facts were revealed to us and the people we believed were like the National Charter, strong, stable, patriotic and loyal, and it turned out to be the opposite.

Personalities have become used from this country and that to implement its plans.

Some have turned from national leaders to mere Yemeni hands to implement foreign projects.

Thus, we are divided and scattered.

This is with the Emirates and that with Saudi Arabia and that with Iran and those with Qatar and those with the Sultanate of Oman and so on.

All of them no longer do what the sponsors ask of them.

These are national projects that are in the interest of the nation and the people, but rather projects that serve the supporter.

We are unable to defend these people in front of others, and we do not find anything to say about them.

Today, in the most difficult moments of our fateful battle against the Iranian project and its Houthi tool, in their desperate attempt to storm the city of Marib, which they are seeking with all their might to pounce.

Here and there projects appear to us from personalities and conference groups that seek to divert the course of the issue and the battle and distract us from confronting the Houthis to confront these.

I wish that what they are doing on their own in the interest of the country or with the aim of achieving victory over the Houthis, ending the coup and restoring the state.

Unfortunately, it is to implement foreign agendas, specifically the UAE.

They did not benefit from the mistakes of the past and are still repeating them, worse than before.

Because Muhammad bin Adyo is the governor of Shabwa.

He demanded the exit of the Emirates from the port of Balhaf. The Emirates went crazy and failed to lure Ben Adyo and include him on the list of its subordinates and those under its control.

All her attempts, even her use of Saudi Arabia, failed because Ben Adyo demanded honest national demands, which are the demands of all honest and free people.

At that time, the Emirates requested a deadline to hand over the port.

But the deadline was for other purposes, foremost of which is the issue of positioning and withdrawing from Hodeidah and preparing for the transfer of armed groups to the Balhaf port to say we handed it over to Yemeni forces and they are trying to create a battle between the National Army and the West Coast group, who will become the South Coast group and we will talk about that later.


The UAE moved Sheikh Awad Al-Wazir to demand the dismissal and dismissal of Ben Adyo from his position.

Not because he is corrupt, traitor and client, and they will not find evidence of that, nor because he implements service projects, develops the province and serves its people, and has become a model for young and old to talk about.

They demanded his dismissal because he (Asi) is for the Emirates only and is not obedient to them like others, and because he said it tall and with his head raised (Leave).

Awad Al-Wazir came out with extraordinary possibilities to escalate against Ben Adyo to tell him to leave you and not to leave the Emirates.

And it was the first blessing of Bayan Awad from the Emirati-made transitional!

Failed, stupid and offensive attempts to all of us.

Paid, sponsored and directed Emirati moves.

And they will fail in this because Shabwah, its free and honorable people, will not accept that the governorate become an Emirati province.

Vshboh great history and its people are great and wise before that.

Awad Al-Wazir came from outside the country to attack a rare governor of his kind and one of the most active Yemeni governors and officials.

He came to tell him to leave and for the Emirates to remain!!

Do you know that,, he says to the son of Yemen, leave, and to the misguided foreigner, do not leave.!!

You exposed us…

What disaster is this, Awad Al-Wazir?!

Are you not aware of what you say, what you do, what you write, and what you do?!

You exposed us, you exposed the conference, you exposed Yemen.

How many leaders here and there have become preoccupied with the implementation of the agendas of this country and that.

You exposed us…

And how did we Yemenis become here and there that we serve abroad at the expense of our country?

You exposed us…

So restore your compass towards the Houthis and leave you from the projects that serve the Houthis.

And the conversation is very long.

You exposed us.

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