To bring about a comprehensive revolution..a strong Yemeni political ally is pushing a new class to the top of power


A Yemeni academic called for finding a strong national political ally capable of pushing a new class to power.
Dr. Ibrahim al-Kibsi said, in an article he published on his Facebook page, that he was briefed by “The Yemeni Scene,” that “the only solution in order to extricate Yemen from the quagmire of war, corruption, injustice, poverty, fragmentation, fragmentation and ignorance is for the middle class to find a national political ally in order to bring it to the head of power from In order to bring about a real comprehensive development revolution that will save the country and rid the people of the state of chaos, wandering and total collapse, and get Yemen out of this dark tunnel that does not see a near end, and work to stop trading in the sovereignty and interests of Yemen and its wealth and plunge it into regional conflicts in which it has no elegance, sentences or interest. “.
He added: Yemen is full of patriots, honorable and qualified people who belong to the middle class, but the majority of them are fighters and marginalized, and they have been excluded by traditional corruption lobbies in an inherited and common way among these successive regimes ruling Yemen.
He continued: Do not use a corrupt person in order to fight another corrupt person, do not mean an oppressor in order to eliminate an oppressor like him, and do not bring in an occupier and a new external guardian in order to expel an occupier and an old external guardian, because the result in all cases is that you will become a victim of all of them.
And he added: Also, there is a sterile thinking practiced by some of us in wishing for the return of a previous corrupt regime, because the regime that came after it was corrupt and even more corrupt and unjust, because if they thought rationally, they would find that the reason for the existence of the current corrupt regime is a natural and logical result of the practices and methodology of the regime. The previous one.
He wondered: Were the women of Yemen unable to give birth to honorable and patriotic men, so that we keep thinking about those who ruled us before and hope for their return, then we search right and left, and we find only their children, grandchildren, relatives or their entourage who fled abroad with the money and wealth of the people to hope that they will return to rule us? Is this appropriate for us? How long do we keep trying the previous experimenter and corrupt and failed? How long will we continue to rotate the corrupt and the losers from one position to another? How long will we remain intolerant of groups, regions, sects, parties and sects without this country? How long will each of us continue to support his group, sect, region, sect and party, even if they are wrong and practice corruption and injustice? How long will we continue to deal with this country as a war booty for every group or party that reaches the top of power? When will we understand that all those who ruled Yemen during the past hundred years, the majority of them contributed to the ignorance and militarization of the Yemeni people and the spread of sectarian, regional, tribal, sectarian and dynastic fanaticism among its sons to make it easier for them to rule and trade with them in their conflicts?
This comes in conjunction with widespread popular frustration against the Houthi rebels and the recognized Yemeni government, against the background of the deteriorating living conditions and the continued decline of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies.

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