“To control the south again”…the Houthi militia begins to recruit southerners to participate in its war


The Houthi militia began to form cells from the people of the south residing in the capital, Sana’a, to help them return to the south again.

An informed source said that the militias started a campaign to confine the sons of the south residing in the city of Sanaa, as they seek to recruit them to work for them.

The sources revealed a plan by the criminal militia to form what it called (the South Liberation Front), and commissioned Abdulaziz al-Turb to meet with some residents of Sanaa and ask them to communicate with their acquaintances to form the alleged front.

The Iran-backed militia seeks to try to penetrate the south from the inside, after failing to penetrate the fronts.

The sources concluded by saying that the Houthi leader, Qassem Hamran, nicknamed (Abu Kawthar), is supervising the file of the south, where the terrorist militia allocates a monthly budget to achieve progress through it.

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