To control their bodies, a leaked document ignites the anger of “Iranian women”


A leaked Iranian document revealed that the authorities are trying to restrict “women’s freedom to have an abortion”, by forcing local laboratories to submit reports on women whose pregnancy test results are positive, according to a report by the American “ABC News” network.
The leaked document ignited the anger of Iranian women, as they considered it aimed at “controlling their bodies”, and they resorted to social media to protest against it.
Iranian law criminalizes abortion unless there is evidence that there is a danger to the life of the mother or the child, or the child has serious disabilities, and this applies exclusively to married women. As for those who become pregnant from extramarital relations, they have no legal options in Iran.
The network reported that some Iranian women have illegal abortions, but they cannot go to the hospital in case of any complications.
After the angry reactions, Mazandaran Newspaper published an interview with the deputy crime prevention in the provincial judiciary, in which he said that the method used is aimed at “preventing non-professional abortion only.”
According to the official Tasnim Agency, about 9,000 legal abortions are performed annually in Iran, and 300,000 are illegal.

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