To liberate the secretariat of the capital, to strengthen the battle and to end the coup… Announcing the formation of the People’s Support Council in Marib


Today, Monday, in Marib Governorate, a ceremony was held to announce the People’s Support Council of the Capital Secretariat to support and support the heroes of the army and the popular resistance in the national battle, push the wheel to liberate the capital, Sana’a, end the Houthi coup and build the Great Federal Yemen.

In the ceremony, which coincided with the fifty-ninth anniversary of the September 26 revolution, and was attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ashwal and a number of senior military and civilian leaders, the attendees approved the Statute of the Council after reading it and making observations on it.

In the first meeting of the members of the People’s Support Council of the Capital Municipality, the attendees elected the capital’s mayor, Major General Abdul Ghani Jamil as chairman of the council, Muhammad Al-Hazmi as deputy, Abdul-Majid Al-Jarf as secretary-general, and Ali Al-Hadma as rapporteur.

Colonel Ahmed Yahya Al-Ashwal was elected by secret ballot as Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Abdul Halim Al-Hajri as Deputy.

The Council also unanimously approved the formation of the members of the Executive Committee submitted by its chairmanship, namely: Muhammad Al-Jama`i for Media and Relations, Fahmi Al-Zubayri for Rights and Freedoms, Radwan Masoud for the prisoners and the kidnapped, Rafiq Al-Dhabiani for the Mobilization and Mobilization, Sadiq Al-Ahmadi for the affairs of the wounded and Abbas Abdul-Mughni in charge of the Relief Committee.

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