To Mr. George Kordahi.


To Mr. George Kordahi.

I greet you with the same salute that you used to throw at us through the rug of the one who will win the million, and we will respond to you with a better one..and after..

We followed that statement in which you presented your perception of what is happening in Yemen, and it was shocking for the Yemenis who are aware of the truth of Al-Houthi and his crime against Yemen and the Yemenis. The rebel, defending himself, even though he is the source of every crime, the source of every aggression and the address of every calamity in this country, which is entering an eighth year of war that will not last or leave the Houthis in all its details..

If, George, you are ignorant of the truth of what is happening in Yemen and you are a media man, then this is a calamity, and if you do not know, let me explain to you some facts that may be absent from the common people, and here we must go back to the year 2014, the Houthi militia has committed the biggest crime in The history of mankind, where it carried out an armed rebellion against the state, practiced a real occupation, tore the social fabric and tried to impose its beliefs by force of arms, and the battles were transferred to every village.. It did not stop there, but rather provoked the neighboring countries, declaring their intention to enter Mecca, and began to carry out maneuvers on the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In direct identification with the Iranian project, which explicitly declared that Sanaa had become an Iranian allegiance and subordination.

All of these practices, George, came after a comprehensive dialogue in which the Yemenis discussed all the issues and came up with solutions that satisfy all political and civil parties. The Houthis rejected all of this and committed their crime. An armed confrontation was necessary that would bring them back to the right path. The President of the Republic, and the year 2015 had produced a new reality and the National Army achieved successive victories that turned the equation…but regional and international calculations halted the resolution of the battle and the restoration of the state.

Here, Mr. George, let me explain to you the circumstances of a war that decimated plowing and offspring, and you will know that you are not the only one who shocked us, but there are many who are ignorant or ignore our cause and dance on our wounds. However, our shock, which magnifies the size of our wound, is one of the stakeholders who failed to present a picture of what is happening in Yemen. They identified with the media of the Iranian Houthi project, which depicts the battle as between the poor Yemenis and the coalition countries.

This concept, which was reinforced by the absence of the leadership of legitimacy, which was logical to return to the homeland since the first year; To impose the prestige of the state, but unfortunately it has prepared for itself to stay for a longer period outside Yemen, and its efforts have been limited to short visits and return to Riyadh, content with working within WhatsApp groups..

And the Arab coalition, which began seriously to restore legitimacy and support the National Army since the start of the battle, was preoccupied with its own battles, which seemed to be secondary and marginal, and some parties turned into an obstacle to the return of legitimacy and the completion of the liberation process.

On the other hand, the political parties had entered into a clinical death, except for some arguments that erupt from time to time. Likewise, humanitarian organizations and political actors did not play any role except for some modest efforts.

All this slack comes at a time when we were waiting to see the task of liberating the land and man and restoring the state proceed in harmony and harmony between the military operations, the sacrifices of the heroes and their field victories, and the political and administrative activities. And years in the mountaintops resisting tyranny and chasing the remnants of the coup with all sincerity and keenness in order to restore legitimacy without compromising an inch, as well as not complacency in the political decision or giving up an iota of the state project or leniency in taking the purely Yemeni political decision according to a clear, transparent and declared vision The Yemeni citizen understands it and monitors its progress.

Perhaps the time factor had great repercussions, and some of those concerned with the liberation process seemed to be looking for sources to secure their lives and the lives of their families, and the momentum had diminished, and some officials turned towards investment and the practice of civil activities, and their liberation and patriotic concerns were absent, except for appointments to the public office, which continued to celebrate the appointment of large numbers of the unemployed.

Here at this moment, the stalkers in Yemen realized that it was the precious opportunity to pass their plans, and their convictions were reinforced by the response of numbers of Yemenis who accepted to act as sabotage tools that impeded legitimacy and impeded its return.

This noticeable slack is reflected in performance; The official, who thought all about his destroyed house and confiscated farm, became earning a salary in hard currency and was busy searching for a permanent residence and a suitable living. The merchant who wished to see the leadership of the national army to protect his property became monitoring the exchange rate and currency rates.. and the politician who wished to organize a panel discussion in a safe place became presenting reports and rumors and begging in the name of his country to defy his political opponent..

The Houthi militia, which was on the verge of falling and was the final blow that would lose its balance, regained its breath and breathed a sigh of relief and presented itself taking advantage of the absence and vacuum left by the expatriate government..

And finally, Mr. George

This does not mean that we have lost hope after all this slack. Legitimacy is still able to resolve the battle by rearranging your priorities in the war and evaluating the performance of those concerned with this decision, including the military, politicians, security and diplomats. This is followed by evaluating the performance of the institutions concerned with the battle, holding the negligent accountable, stripping them of their jobs, and bringing in competencies capable of carrying out the task. Dealing firmly with external parties that try to impose their agenda, frankness of the people and putting them before these forces and criminalizing all those who deal with them and prosecuting them on charges of national treason.. This is done through direct supervision of the course of the battle, militarily, politically, diplomatically, in the media and human rights, and mobilizing international opinion and placing it on the side of legitimacy.. It will be The moment of decisiveness is easy and very close, but when we have exhausted all the necessary reasons to prepare the ground that befits this long-delayed moment and the people are scrambled for it..

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