To resolve the battle in Yemen and fire the “mercy bullet” at “legitimacy” .. “Moin Abdul-Malik” as Hadi’s deputy instead of “Al-Ahmar”


A member of the General Committee of the General People’s Congress, Dr. Adel Al-Shuja, said today, Thursday, that “there will be no possibility to resolve the battle in Yemen unless those who are supposed to be the real decision-makers have enough courage to exercise their legitimacy.”

And he added in an article he published on his Facebook page, which he showed “The Yemeni Scene”, that “it became clear that the withdrawal (in reference to the withdrawal of the joint forces in Hodeidah) was not a coincidence, but rather the coalition chose it carefully to fire a bullet of mercy on any rapprochement between legitimacy and the outlaws. Perhaps the giants’ forces will be pushed to Abyan under the pretext of protecting it from the Houthis.”

He pointed out that “Marib’s experience was unique, and it upended all the scales set up by the coalition and behind it the international forces, and it eluded them despite the hordes that the Houthis are mobilizing against it and despite the lies of the aviation that is used to camouflage to bring it down, as it is unreasonable to continue bombing the attackers without bombing those who mobilize These attackers are prepared and planned”; As he put it.

He accused the coalition of planning to overthrow the legitimacy, saying, “The withdrawal that took place in Hodeidah and the repositioning indicates that the coalition is planning to overthrow the legitimacy. This is confirmed by the meetings of the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, with the ambassadors of the five permanent members, and the promotion of Maeen Abdul Malik as Vice President Hadi; he was not satisfied with the collapses that It happened during his tenure as prime minister and the collapse of the riyal against the dollar until it exceeded 1500 riyals to the dollar, but he wants to impose him as a vice president and withdraw all powers for him.”

This comes after the announcement of the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy and the joint forces triggered their repositioning to areas outside the Stockholm Agreement, in preparation for fighting new and decisive battles against the Houthi rebels.

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