Today, Friday, the decisive match for the Yemeni team!


Today, Friday, at 5:45 pm, our national Olympic team will enter its decisive match against the Jordanian team, as the leader of its group, with no other ambition to win, so as not to enter into complex calculations, in order to qualify for the semi-finals of the West Asian Championship.
The rules of the tournament say that equal points between two teams in the same group will be decided by the result of the direct confrontations between them and not the goal difference!
A draw may be an opportunity to qualify, but it is a bombed scenario at the same time, especially since the results of the second group are directly linked to the accounts of our group’s qualification.
The most important thing is, the outlook for our team has become different. The Jordanians will play in front of us with full force and enthusiasm.. We are no longer that team that came from countries of war and difficult circumstances.. In their eyes, we became strong, candidates and leaders, and we defeated the Oman team, which defeated them in the first round.

An invitation to our loyal fans in Al Sharqiya to come to the stadium and support more than the previous two matches, as they are an essential and important factor in igniting the players’ enthusiasm and motivating them to present the most beautiful levels.
As for our fans in the social media, we invite you to support and interact with the hashtag #our_team_lead it and they will be so, God willing, and set us a date with a new joy.

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