Towards a fruitful dialogue


After the guns are bored, their bullets are almost dead. And after sorrows roamed every house and devastation spread to our area and tears dried up from the excessive blood that was shed… Wisdom returns to its head so that it can find a place for it.

The responsibility is too great for every influencer or decision-maker, whose words will be covered in blood or shed. Whoever protects the honor of Muslims or violates them. It is in their hands to make room for the voice of God, mercy and convergence between people, or to keep lead and iron ruling over the necks of Muslims, and demolishing the Kaaba is easier in God’s sight than shedding a drop of blood.

Since the beginning, we have been, and still are, and will continue to call for the voice of reason, wisdom, the logic of politics, settlements, convergence and dialogue, in accordance with the priorities of interests and legitimate rights based on coexistence, internal unity, good neighborliness, and the policy of convergence between stakeholders over the sound of fighting between brothers. And brothers, proxy wars and conflict politics.

(Our country, Yemen, is a land of convergence and cooperation, not a land of conflict) is a slogan that we have raised and are still doing; And here are the events that demonstrate the correctness and inevitability of this path.

The (Saudi-Iranian) regional dialogue is the cornerstone of the region’s stability and opening the windows of the future for the peoples of the region.

We congratulate and commend the will and wisdom of the interlocutors and their awareness of the necessity of accepting each other and being open to them and discussing issues of disagreement with all responsibility, courage, clarity and a solid will to create spaces for understanding and understanding and building on the governing priorities and axioms in determining the interests of each party in a way that achieves and preserves its national security and contributes to each of its position and influence. And its relations in removing the suffering and suffering of the peoples and countries of the arenas of conflict, we find that we have the right to be optimistic about dialogue and stress its support, accompanying it and spreading its positive atmosphere. At the same time, we see it as a test for those with special interests and those who live on differences and see peace as a threat to their role and size.

We bless, support and bet on meeting without pressure, blackmail, miscalculation, or persistence in miscalculation… Dialogue and consensus are in the interest of all our countries and peoples in the region and the Islamic world.

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