Trading in religion and ruining nations.!


Before the passenger gets on the plane, do you think he will think about a religion, a sect, or the captain of the plane?

Will he care if he is Muslim or Christian, or whether he prays or not?

Will he inquire if he memorizes anything from the Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet?

Will he be asked about his gender, color, height, or weight?

of course not.

The traveler will only care about the efficiency and capabilities of the captain, and his experience in piloting the plane. This is what matters to him; As for his religion, sect, rituals, beliefs, party, color, gender, height, and weight, these are private things that belong to the pilot, not the passengers.

Likewise, we will not find a person but who cares about the religions, sects and beliefs of doctors, bank managers, university presidents, train drivers, restaurant employees, hospital doctors, factory cadres, shop workers…etc.

And so are the states; The function of governments, like that of a pilot, is limited only to managing state institutions, providing for the needs of people (passengers) in this world and not in the Hereafter, and providing services and a decent living for them, not driving them to mosques or churches; Or preoccupation with how to enter Paradise.

The state is like an umbrella, under which all members of society, regardless of their religious, sectarian, intellectual, political, cultural, ethnic and behavioral orientations, seek shelter. It is administered by laws, regulations, and regulations that suit the time, place, needs, needs, aspirations, customs and cultures of people.

On the other hand, every religious, sectarian, political, cultural, or even sporting sect has the right to practice – or advocate for – its beliefs freely without prejudice to the freedoms, security and tranquility of society, and to practice its rituals away from state institutions and devices (the cabin of the plane); It is not permissible for a group to impose its beliefs and convictions on others by force or coercion.

What we are experiencing today in the Arab region of backwardness, confusion, chaos, wars, fighting, bloodshed, and lack of security and stability is a logical and natural result of the involvement of religions and the employment of sects in political quarrels, and in struggles over power and wealth. and social standing.

The job of a “religious scholar” has become a rubbery job, with unknown borders, tasks, duties and competencies, and from under its cloak and turban everything that has nothing to do with religion and has to do with the destruction of nations, the disruption of governments, and the mining of societies comes out.

Religion, sect, and kinship with the Prophet were used as easy means to deceive people and steal their belongings, mobilize followers, and quick channels to gain access to power, money, social status, and wealth, without the trouble of cognitive or scientific competence.

There is no popular trade that generates billions like riding the wave of debt, wearing turbans, or claiming kinship with the Prophet.

When we look at the map of countries that suffer under the burdens of poverty, hunger, disease, underdevelopment, conflicts, wars, homelessness and loss today, we will find that they are countries that are run by what are called references, references, gentlemen, verses, family, sheikhs, preachers and priests. These are the ones who lead ignorance, absurdity and devastation in those countries, and the reason is not a defect in religion, but in the understanding, practice and objectives of its traffickers, and those who invest in it to achieve their own interests and to employ abnormal forests.

Countries that enjoy security, safety, stability and development are those that are run by politicians, with administrative competencies, constitutions and worldly systems, and there are no turbans that go from mosques to ministerial chairs and to parliament seats, and with permits, certificates and qualifications, a religious scholar, a scholar, a hafiz of the Qur’an, a mosque preacher, a mujahid, Hashemi, Alawi, Alam, Syed..etc.

My brother, my friend and my sheikh:

You have the right to be religious, to sect, to partisan, to sect, to slander, to become arrogant, and even to disbelieve, or atheist, just work and practice and choose what you see fit for you and your family, provided that you practice your beliefs calmly, and pray for your belief – if you wish – in goodness and away from coercion and institutions The state, its camps, and its banks, and I let the people go about their daily lives in the ways they see fit and thanks to it.

The origin of the idea is from a previous article published by the writer on November 23, 2019.

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