Triple pliers crush the Houthis in Marib


Yesterday, Brigadier General Tariq said: We want to translate words into actions..!
Yes, it is time for action; Actions should be in the triangle of whirlwinds, which unites the brothers with the guards with the sons of the south.
This contradictory trio that Al-Houthi plays to achieve his victories. If he translates the words of the class into actions, we will destroy the priesthood.
The south moves from the front of Al-Dhalea and Al-Hasha to Mawiyah Taiz
The joint will move to Al-Barah and Sharaab, and the Taiz axis will move to the northern Taiz front, and it will be triple pliers that will crush the militias in Marib, even from Al-Dhalea to the coast, including Taiz and the districts north of Taiz, to reach Ibb. We will liberate the kidnapped Yemeni mind from the Iranian militia, yes!
Militias are mobilizing from Sharaab and from Ibb to Al-Bayda and Shabwa to strengthen their presence, to Bayhan, as well as to Marib.
The liberation of these areas will be a blow in the middle of the head of the priesthood.
It coincides with the Marib front, that Marib must resist and not succumb, and to know that the priesthood was once on the coast of Abyan in the city of Aden and left it reprehensible and defeated.
The priesthood in the Citadel of Cairo and Mount Sabr and in the Sumail market in Taiz, and leaving it, was dragging the trails of shame and humiliation.
He was in Mocha, Mawza, Al-Wazi’a and Al-Khokha, and he left it, and from Hays and Al-Durayhimi.. he left it, drawing the seals of defeats.. and he will leave everywhere.
The battle is social, not just military. Every conscious person is responsible for what he knows from people, youth, soldiers, women, and the society around him.
Awareness is the first victory and will lead everyone to a decisive battle.
Each person is a leader, leading what he can, and this battle is not a battle of one, two or three.. It is the battle of every Yemeni individual.

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