“Turkish” and “Belarus” airlines take shocking measures against thousands of Yemenis and citizens of two Arab countries


Turkish and Belarusian Airlines have stopped selling tickets to Yemeni, Iraqi and Syrian citizens heading to Belarus; According to media sources.

And the Belarusian state airline Belavia announced that it had suspended the transportation of passengers with nationalities of Iraq, Syria and Yemen to the country from Turkey, against the backdrop of the escalating migration crisis at the Belarus borders.

The company confirmed in a statement published on its website that citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen will not be able, as of today, Friday, November 12, to board its flights from Turkey to Belarus, pointing out that those affected by this procedure can recover the prices of their tickets at the place of acquisition.

Belavia indicated that this procedure comes in response to the decision of the specialized companies in Turkey.

For its part, Turkish Airlines confirmed that it would stop transporting Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni travelers to the Belarusian capital, Minsk, except for those who have a diplomatic passport or residence permit in Belarus.

The Polish authorities also announced that Turkish Airlines assured them that it would prevent citizens of Syria, Iraq and Yemen from boarding its flights to Minsk, due to the migrant crisis at the Belarus border.

“Turkish Airlines has confirmed that it will not allow citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen to board its flights to Minsk for citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen, with the exception of holders of diplomatic passports,” a spokesman for the Polish President’s office, Jakub Komoch, wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

This comes at a time when thousands of migrants wishing to enter the European Union are still stranded at Belarus’s border with Poland, with Minsk and Warsaw exchanging accusations of instigating the crisis.

According to media reports, the European Union is considering tightening sanctions on Belarus due to the migrant crisis, in addition to sanctions against airlines that transport migrants to Minsk.

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