Two hours in Heaven!!


The man in his seventies was carrying an old grenade on his shoulders and wearing a belt with about a thousand bullets in it and an unknown number of bombs in his chest, as if he was a militant, so my sultan decided to take back Jerusalem alone.
Why are you having a fight with Sally?!
I didn’t understand a single word of what he said, so he asked me again:
Why are you having a fight with Sally?!
Then my cousin drew me and translated for me:
I mean, why are you looking at him?!
And then I realized that I had moved from my village in Al-Aden to another world and that I would need an interpreter in order to communicate with people.!

That was in Radaa in 1998 AD, where I lived an experience that I will not forget as long as I live. I worked in a restaurant for about two months during my first exile from the valiant land of Ibb.!
It was an exceptional and rich experience, and the work was hard and exhausting from early morning until ten at night, except for two hours of rest from three in the afternoon until five in the evening.
After three days of work, I felt as if I had killed an entire tribe, so they sentenced me to death, but they reduced the sentence to hard labor in this restaurant, which is described as a “tourist”.!!
I moved from a spoiled boy in the village to a stressful worker in a city where only three people are known. In the first days, I suffered from sprains in my joints and muscle strain from a lot of movement, especially from eleven to twelve in the afternoon when the crowds peaked. I and another worker were directing customers in a restaurant. Big, we run until our breath stops while we chase the requests of dozens of customers who flock to the restaurant as if it is the only one in deterrence.!

We were often subjected to abhorrent insults if we were late in delivering the orders, and I often confused and confused customers, and delivered to one customer the requests of another customer and received a barrage of insults.!
And many times we were attacked by some customers who were throwing water bottles at us or pouring hot broth on us.
I was as if I was in a bet with myself: How long will I bear and be patient?!!
The first period of work ends around three in the afternoon, after which we close the doors and eat our food in a hurry as if we were thieves, then we wash the restaurant with everything in it until it almost shines.

Then I go to the mosque and scratch my feet as if I were an ant trampled by all of Solomon’s soldiers. I pray the noon and afternoon prayers at once, then buy me a qat bundle with fifty riyals from the tip that I get from some customers. After that, I go to the accommodation that I rented with three of my relatives. We each have a key and we meet only at night. On the way, I pass by the library to buy a magazine or A newspaper that I read during my rest period that I felt like I spent them in heaven.!
Believe me, I sat in the most luxurious councils and the most honorable places and sat with people from workers to ministers and the elite. I did not find anything more delicious than sitting during those two hours in which I was resting after exhausting hard work and very hard work. After he makes efforts and presents an achievement in any field or works hard and sees the fruit of his effort in reality.
My salary at that time was 500 riyals, which I received every day. After the two months passed and the study approached, I left work and found that I had collected approximately 33,000 riyals, and that day was a good amount that sufficed me for expenses as a student throughout the year. I was then in the third grade of secondary school.
After I left work I said to myself: Now I will sleep comfortably and deeply, but my body was programmed to work, I woke up as usual, and after prayer I tried to sleep but in vain, I found myself going to the restaurant involuntarily, but I went as a customer and sat at the table and put one man on another and screamed Including :
Where is the direct?! What is this bad restaurant?!
They looked at me and laughed.
Are you really serious?!
I had my breakfast and toured the city with my cousin, where we went to the famous Al-Amiriya school, and I saw the crescent of Islam, the cross of Christians and the Jewish Star of David on the walls of Al-Amiriya School. I did not understand until today why the symbols of religions were drawn in this ancient school?

I put my money with my relatives in Radaa and left for the city of Al-Sawadiya, which is a small city on the line of Radaa’ to Marib, and there I met some of my friends from the owners of the country who are owners of sewing shops, grocers and restaurants, and I stayed there for a week, and agreed that I found a young man named “Mustafa” from a nearby village who works with them. He is very educated and works as a creative tailor and he merged with me and we talked about issues and people and he liked me and my culture and got attached to me. I completed the study and then left for Sana’a and settled in my place until mid-April 2018, where I left for Egypt and then returned after more than two years to Hadramout.

I did not like a city after Sana’a like Radaa’, even though the incidents of revenge and murder there are almost every day.!
The worst thing about Rada’a is that people joke with weapons, and your friend may shoot you as a joke while he laughs, and then he takes you to the hospital and keeps laughing as if nothing happened!!
I remember that a young man from the house of Al-Tashy I knew went for Umrah and after his return from Umrah, as soon as his friend saw him, he wanted to surprise him, so he opened the safety with a Kalashnikov and shot him, and he was wounded in the leg.

As for when the “futile” war breaks out between the tribes of Abs and Thebyan, I mean Abbas and Riam, Radaa is going through its worst days. I remember being in the restaurant when a group of foreign tourists fled to us after hearing gunfire in the neighboring street, and then they were afraid of kidnapping and I took them to the back store of the restaurant and asked me:
What is the fire n street?
I was memorizing some English words from my school days, so I said:
The Veer Becuase Pebble Ream Kill Pebble Abbas Becos Pebble Abbas Before Kill Pebble Ream.!
Then they asked me again, but I didn’t know anything, so I shook my head saying:
Yes Yes !!

After that experience of working in a restaurant, I visited Radaa repeatedly and stayed there a lot, but as a visitor to my friends and not as a worker. That was the first and last time I worked in a restaurant, and I think that my last visit to the city of Radaa was 9 years ago and it was a fleeting visit, and in Radaa many relatives and owners of the country They have shops, and some of them have become major merchants, and I don’t know how it has become a deterrent now?!
During my travels towards Hadramout to Egypt in 2018, I passed Rada’a at night, it was raining, the lights were pale and the crowd was still in a cheese field as usual. And about his wonderful morals and his extensive culture, he needs to talk about upcoming articles, the day of the meeting was fleeting and just peace, then we continued our journey.
Years and years have passed, and nearly a quarter of a century has passed, and I still yearn for that happiness and comfort that I felt after working hard in the restaurant.!

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