Two Houthi leaders kidnapped a girl from her home in Ibb Governorate (details)


Two Houthi leaders kidnapped a 16-year-old girl from her home in Ibb Governorate, central Yemen, and assaulted her elderly grandmother, who tried to scream to save her granddaughter.

Local sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni today, Saturday, that the Houthi leaders Abu Muhammad Al-Riyami and Abu Ali Al-Riyami, who belong to Al-Bayda governorate, raided the house of a citizen in the Al-Adeen area in Ibb governorate, kidnapped a girl and assaulted her grandmother, taking advantage of the vacant house.

The sources added that the Houthi leaders immediately transferred the girl to a military vehicle belonging to the Houthi militia, in which her husband was present, and she fled from the Al-Aden area, but the reports of the people of the area who were unable to save the girl prevented the girl from being transferred to the Radaa area in Al-Bayda Governorate after informing the security points, which threw They were arrested on the outskirts of Ibb Governorate.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi security men were satisfied with the arrest of the girl and her husband and the release of the two Houthi leaders who tried to return the girl to her husband after she refused to return due to her young age and her escape from her father’s house, who forced her to marry.

The kidnapping provoked the indignation and anger of the people of the Al-Aden region, who are now unable to violate the Houthi militia, disrespect the governing norms and laws, and commit such crimes legally, which is one of the biggest flaws in tribal customs and is considered a black defect according to the ancestors and customs of the Yemeni tribes.

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