Two real pictures of what is happening in Al-Jawbah in Marib


The respected journalist Faris Al-Humairi quoted two facts from local sources in the Juba district: the first is that large areas are still under the control of the army,
Second, the Hashemites attack those areas, residential ones, with indiscriminate missiles. Today, they fired their rockets at the densely populated Al-Amoudiya area, destroyed houses on the heads of their residents, and killed at least 12 civilians not interested in the war. Just as the Assad/Hezbollah/Revolutionary Guard forces did in Syria: the scorched earth, and in the end the fighters will flee, fearing for the lives of the remaining residents. The entire field of battle is permissible in front of the Hashemites, may God be pleased with them. There are no war morals, and no rules of engagement. There is only artillery and land, and this is the whole equation. This damned pandemic, may God be pleased with it, will be victorious, but it will forever remain a damned pandemic, and the Hashemites will remain Hashemites even if they are covered with a thousand flags, and if their girls engraved the letters of the predicate on their waists and legs. The villages that have been burning since 2004, village after village, are Yemeni villages, and the Hashemite artillery and missile campaign.
I wrote such words before the fall of Imran, and it was not safe at the time to use that language. A while ago, I wanted to write a letter to Al-Aziz Muhammad Al-Sami’i, and found that our last conversation on Facebook dates back to the year of the siege of Sanaa. He used to say: Hassan Zaid and his daughters are making a party about your last article. He says that there is a wonderful harmony between what is Houthi and what is Hashemite, and the majestic Hashemite joy at the Houthi advance. And I told him, and the last message was: If Sanaa falls, we must think of other options. Years have passed and there are no options but this truth: differentiate, people, so that the Yemeni knows that he is Yemeni, and the Hashemi that he is Hashemi. It never occurred to us to tire the Yemenis and make them homeless, as the Hashemites, may God be pleased with them, did. It took us a long time before we found the appropriate and solid language that would help us understand the story as it is, and so we let fascism grow and we could have buried it in its hole if we had discovered this language early.


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