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Al-Houthi deals with Yemen with the mentality of a invader, where he employs social sciences to achieve his goals, as it became clear since some of them were revealed in the movie “Threads of the Game” and even the statements of prisoners and abductees recently released from prisons and their talk about the torture and questions they have received: He prepares a social map for the inhabitants of the country on a village by village according to their loyalties Their attitudes, the widespread inter-familial conflicts even within the same family, influential personalities, people’s jobs, and the available skills in knowledge, militarily, and security forces. Families are divided into partisan, sectarian and dynastic ways to exploit them.

This is not a matter for a state towards its citizens. It is obliged to deal with them according to legal and constitutional restrictions, and considers them equal in duties and rights, and it is concerned with maintaining security and social peace, monopolizing violence, achieving justice in opportunities and raising efficiency at the expense of loyalty.

Al-Houthi is not looking for citizens, but for supporters and loyalists who are met by opponents, traitors and hypocrites. Society will be divided into two classes: the first monitors the second class.

His loyalists will subjugate others to his authority, and then he will work – like colonialism – to reshape the social structure, create loyal financial and social forces for him, re-engineer society ideologically, popularize his thought, exclude opponents and destroy them economically, and fatten the followers, so that hegemony and power will devolve upon them.

This policy began in the private sector, reclassification of the major taxpayers, and the growth of dozens of companies operating in sectors such as oil, education and banking.

It will create a demographic change in the country in which it seeks illusory ideological purity. Sana’a will not be Sana’a, but rather two suburbs, one for the followers, clean, walled and safe, and the other controlled, as if we were in Caracas.

The first focus of this implementation began in Saada and extends where the authority of the Houthis extends, in Sana’a, and so on, in an endless matrix of social change, at a heavy price on social peace, and is not devoid of the hell of the tyrant and the immorality of his supporters.

There is no room for difference and no meaning for diversity. The other accused and a source of fear and anxiety. Monochromatic in color, expression and appearance, and soon in dialect, the form of the call to prayer in the mosque and the school morning salutation.

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