UN envoy “Grundberg” failed before it began.. and return international resolutions to “the tailor”


So far, Grundberg has nothing to say other than repeating the repeated sayings that we hear from international officials throughout the years of the war.

The new UN envoy believes that he must avoid the mistakes made by his predecessors, and thus stresses that he will not get lost in the partial files, and will focus his efforts on seeking to reach a comprehensive solution.

But there are no features of that solution.. It is sufficient to say that it will bring the parties to the conflict from the Yemenis to the dialogue table to find a solution that leads to an end to the war, perhaps hiding golden ideas for the decisive moment.

The envoy takes shuttle trips to the capitals of the region and meets officials in them. His last stop was Cairo, where we met him with a group of journalists on Tuesday. He says that everyone feels that the “war is prolonged”, but none of them has an idea how to end it.

The Houthi militia deals with the envoys who succeeded them in Yemen through pressure and blackmail, and recently the group refused to meet with Grundberg or receive him in Sanaa. Although it seems that he is still in the stage of studying the best ways to deal with this situation, he may find himself in the future in the trap of attempts to please and co-opt, which made his predecessors lose their ability to use the tools of the United Nations to pressure for the implementation of its resolutions.

The UN envoys turned into mere facilitators coordinating the holding of events, and they consider this to be the maximum achievement they can achieve, even as they and the UN institution appeared with them, in the eyes of the Yemeni people, as contributors to prolonging the war. The Stockholm Agreement in Hodeidah, which is now living in a state of funded unemployment, focuses most of its activities on liquidating the “financial covenant” and squandering its provisions without having any presence on the ground. I do not know what justification UNMHA will seek to continue its work, and everything related to the Stockholm Agreement, which stipulated the withdrawal of each party 15 kilometers and keeping the city and port of Hodeidah as a safe demilitarized zone, has ended, and the joint forces were more generous than necessary and withdrew back close to From 80 kilometers, and instead of leaving an area far from the conflict, the militia crawled and filled the void areas. However, we do not deny the efforts of “UNMHA”, which issued a statement a week later expressing its concern for the safety of civilians who are not aware of their condition!!

The Swedish diplomat, who was prompted by the ambitions of the European Union to find himself embroiled in the very complex Yemeni file, seems wary of making promises.. While stressing his quest for success, he remembers the experiences of his predecessors and sets the premises for any potential failure, especially since he does not have a supportive background of weight. As was the case of his British predecessor, Griffith, who was based on the influence, relations and experience of his country in Yemen and the region, and used them to try to overcome the difficulties facing him. Nevertheless, Stockholm, which came at a moment of conflicting interests between the parties to the coalition, was the outcome of more than three years spent by the old diplomat. He was roaming around on his plane between the capitals of the region, and at that time thought that he had given a large bribe to the Houthis that would enable him to bring them closer to a bigger deal that would enable him to end the war and give him personal glory, but that did not happen.. What was implemented from “Stockholm” did not exceed the cessation of the battles to liberate Hodeidah while The rest of the terms of the agreement are still stumbling until this moment, but have become on the sidelines of the United Nations’ attention.

Previous UN resolutions have returned to the “Khayyat” table to amend and re-detail according to the dimensions of the scene at the present time, after the changes that affected it during the past years.. This is all there is to it and it is not a complete cancellation of the resolutions, nor is it possible to adhere to them literally!!

The envoy did not say this matter literally, rather he did not say anything of the above, because the meeting that brought the envoy together with about ten journalists on the sidelines of his visit to Cairo was dedicated to hearing ideas and proposals that would help the envoy in advancing the peace process, and not a press conference, but rather it was emphasized by the organizers that What took place in the meeting was not for publication, and we committed to that literally, and what I mentioned were just impressions from the atmosphere of the meeting.

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