Under the direct supervision of the “Central Bank”, the announcement of the establishment of the first unified Yemeni “exchange” company for funds


Today, Tuesday, the establishment of the consolidated company for funds in Yemen was announced, in the presence of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Aden, Shakib Hubeishi.

During the founding meeting in Aden, the company’s president, Abdullah Al-Bassiri, said that the company’s remittance checks will be carried out under the direct supervision of the Central Bank of Yemen and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and will contribute to eliminating the problems that occurred in the previous remittance checks, which resulted in many errors.

He pointed out that the company will serve the currency and citizens and will be spread throughout the republic, in addition to its goal of correcting previous mistakes in checks.

The project to establish the unified network aims to reduce illegal transfers that take place through networks, in addition to limiting illegal speculation carried out through multiple networks that contributed to the collapse of the value of the local currency, and ensuring the central bank’s control over local financial transfers and subjecting them to compliance standards. International.

The company’s management consists of Abdullah Al-Basiri as chairman, Saleh Al-Shiyouhi as deputy, and Ali Nasser Al-Arawi as member, in addition to ten other members.

This comes as the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden intends to take firm decisions and measures at the level of the banking and exchange sectors to reform the economic situation and stop the sharp deterioration in the value of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies.

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