Unfortunately, this is how 29 days have passed since the siege of Abdiya


29 days have passed since the siege of al-Abdiyyah. These days have passed by our reclining on our comfortable couches and our peaceful gatherings. As for the account of 35 thousand besieged, the moments of pain, like a month of what we promise, hours of oppression, like years of what we reckon, the groans of the wounded, and the weeping eyes of orphans, And the cruel sorrows of the bereaved, and the terrified groaning of children at the sounds of mechanisms and cannons, as an age we have never gone through, and these notables, who are to blame for their self-taught, who hold on to the embers of patience, the head of glory, and the elitism of meaning.

You, our heroes, will suffer the betrayal of those whom you hope to win and help, for your true enemy is the alliance of political misguidance, and the legitimacy of the dependence on decades of submission.

For 29 days they did not fall upon you with the silence of their planes crowded into their berths, or infant formula with which you feed your children, as if they had not seen you yet, had not heard your distress, and had not known of your suffocating siege.

29 days while you tie your wounds to your hands, and you fight the insidious enemy from zero distance, with your limited capabilities, and your limitless determination.

29 days, and this scientist, who inspired the misguided alliance with that policy, is watching your pain, which is our pain, in violation of the law, and in denial of his damaged humanitarian project.

Ask them: Why do they not rescue the wounded in war and protect civilians, as stipulated in the Geneva Convention?

29 days deny the existence of leadership, politics, and humanity, and prove in the face of heroism, courage, ferocity, and faith, that faith that they fight in your chest, through your siege, fighting, and alienation in your unity and steadfastness.

29 days in which God was not absent, but all those who claim peace and Islam are absent. God says, “The end is for the righteous,” and they say, “The end is for strength and politics.” He deceives them, and he deceives you.

So be patient, Bani Abd, and all men, for your life is longer, your history is more generous, and your outcome is good.

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