UNICEF participates in Houthi killing of Yemenis


It seems that UNICEF has contributed greatly to the war on Yemen, as it is implicated in suspicions of corruption of various forms. Previous reports spoke of the organization’s collusion with Houthi leaders and granting them vehicles belonging to the organization, in order to move inside the country safely.
Today we will address only one of the corruption operations to which the organization contributed, specifically its office in Amman, which manages emergency cases funded by the World Bank as a loan to Yemen and not as an aid or grant.
Since 2017, more than half a billion dollars have been looted as a difference in exchange, as there are three categories in the social security program, the first category is 25 dollars for the individual case, 36 dollars for the general case, and 51 for the medium case, and the organization has replaced the dollar with the Yemeni riyal in order to benefit from The exchange difference, which in each case amounts to $22.
The matter does not stop at this corruption, nor with the complicity with the Houthis and the employment of those close to them in the office. Rather, it goes beyond it to handing over the project to the Houthis and transferring it to Sana’a under the pretext of the local partner.
The transfer of the call center will start from tomorrow, then all equipment will be transferred to Sana’a after that.
Based on the foregoing, I call upon the Parliament and the legitimate government to form a committee to audit all the amounts spent and follow the doors of corruption and waste practiced by the UNICEF office in Amman. On Yemen as a loan, not aid or gifts.

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