Unprecedented escalation..Houthi militia launches massive attacks and the war in Marib is reaching its climax


The Houthi coup militia continues to launch unprecedented suicide attacks on government forces’ positions on the southern and western fronts in Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

The media and field activist present on the battlefield in Marib, Sultan Al-Rusa, said that “the war in Marib has reached its climax, and the battle is getting more and more intense. Al-Houthi loses hundreds daily, indifferent to who falls when he finds progress in any spot.”

And he added in a post on Facebook: “The Houthi coup militia launches massive attacks and an unprecedented escalation on the Ma’rib fronts, amid heavy losses in lives and equipment.”

He continued, “The Houthi group is aware of the importance of the Marib battle, and therefore Marib is the most important geographical spot for it that it wants to obtain, and therefore obtaining a kilometer in the Ma’rib governorate is more important than a region and a district elsewhere.”

Al-Rusa’ pointed out that the Houthi militia is racing against time, and trying as much as possible to jump forward in every attack, amidst human losses that no one can count.

He stressed that the mission of Ma’rib is very big and its battle is sacred, and the first action that can be offered to this good and fierce land is to stop this advance, which is carried out by Al-Houthi on its own, and amputate his dreams for which he lost thousands of guerrillas, ideologues, fools, deceivers, deceived, degraded, gobsmacked and what the seven ate, followed by the final blow and the group’s return Traces of disappointment and defeat.

As the Russians emphasized, Marib needs a serious pause in these critical moments, and it will overcome this danger, God willing, and these legions will be defeated as it was defeated previously and afflicted with calamities, and it has won and helped Yemen as well.

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