Unstable weather today, Thursday in Saudi Arabia..and these are the reasons


The Arab Weather website expected the continuation of a limited state of atmospheric instability to affect the north of the Kingdom on Thursday, specifically the regions north of Tabuk, Al-Jawf and the northern borders, where quantities of medium and high clouds are spread, which will cause scattered and random showers of rain, actively accompanied by the speed of dust-inducing winds. and dust.

The reason for the formation of this instability is due to the flow of moisture in the upper layers of the atmosphere from the Red Sea in conjunction with the intrusion of cold air in the same layers, as these conditions were favorable for the formation of these clouds.

In its weather report for today, the Saudi Meteorological Center expected fog to be formed during the night and early morning hours on the eastern region, especially the central and southern parts of it.

The sky will also be partly cloudy with rain clouds in parts of Al-Jawf, Tabuk and the northern border regions.

The report indicated that the surface wind movement on the Red Sea will be southeasterly to southwesterly on the central and southern part, and northwesterly to northerly on the northern part, at a speed of 14-34 km/h, and the wave height will range from half a meter to a meter and a quarter, and the condition of the sea is light.

While the movement of the surface winds on the Arabian Gulf will be southeasterly to northeasterly turning to northwesterly at a speed of 10-32 km/h, and the wave height is from half a meter to a meter, and the state of the sea is light.

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