Urgent: A military statement by the Southern Transitional Council reveals a massive Houthi attack on more than one track


Today, Sunday, the Southern Transitional Council revealed the latest developments in the field and military situation in Al-Dhalea Governorate (south of the country).
A spokesman for the Transitional Military Forces, Muhammad al-Naqib, confirmed that a large-scale attack launched by the Houthi militia on the sites of the “southern forces” stationed in the Sabira al-Jib sector, northwest of Al-Dhalea, had been broken.
The captain explained that the militias carried out the attack on more than one path, using a network of artillery fire and medium and light weapons.
According to the captain, the militia’s attack quickly broke down under the fire of the “southern forces” in a battle that resulted in deaths and injuries of Houthi elements through direct confrontations or with fire support from the armored weapon.

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