Urgent: “Abu Ibrahim”, the brother of the founder of the first nucleus of the Houthi militia, was killed (name + details)


Tribal and field sources confirmed that a prominent leader of the Houthi coup militia was killed by the fire of the National Army and the popular resistance in the Abdiya front, south of Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen).

The sources said that the prominent Houthi leader known as “Abu Ibrahim Al-Razami” was killed on the Abdiya front, in the battles that took place in the past hours.

According to the sources, “Al-Razami” is considered one of the most important military leaders in the Houthi militia, and he belongs to the governorate of Saada, the birthplace of the militias.

The sources indicated that the militias assigned Al-Razami to lead the sniper units on the Marib fronts, and he was killed in the past hours on the Al-Abdiyyah front by the bullets of the National Army and the Popular Resistance.

and Abu Ibrahim Al-Razami, brother of “Abdullah Al-Razmi”, one of the founders of the first nucleus of the Houthi militia with “Hussein Al-Houthi”.

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