Urgent: Al-Houthi militia bombed the Salafist Center of Sheikh Al-Hajouri in Marib


Local sources said that the Houthi militia targeted this evening, Sunday, the Salafist Sunnah Center of Sheikh Yahya Al-Hajouri in the Al-Amoud area, south of Marib Governorate, with a ballistic missile, which resulted in a number of martyrs and wounded.
Local sources had confirmed that the Salafi group had evacuated the Dar al-Hadith center in the village of al-Amoud in the Juba district, south of Ma’rib governorate, after the battles became fierce on the outskirts and center of the Abdiya district, and the repeated bombing of the Houthi militia prompted the Salafis to evacuate their position.
The sources confirmed the departure of the head of the center, the Salafi Sheikh Yahya Al-Hajouri, and a number of the center’s leadership, to a destination that has not yet been disclosed.
According to the sources, the students were advised to leave the center to ensure their safety, confirming that most of them left while others remain with their families.
The sources pointed out that large numbers of Salafis joined the framework of government military brigades and the popular resistance to support the army in the fight against the Houthis, while other numbers of Salafis did not participate in the hostilities taking place in the country.
The Dar Al-Hadith Center in Al-Amoud village in Al-Juba includes about 1,500 Salafi students with their families.
The Salafists established the “Dar Al-Hadith” center in the Al-Amoud area of ​​the Al-Juba district in the Marib governorate in 2019, instead of their main center in Dammaj Saada, which was besieged and attacked by the Houthis, forcibly displaced and took control of its affiliates in 2014.

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