Urgent: An emergency session of the UN Security Council in the meantime on Yemen, and the UN envoy sends two calls to the coalition and the Houthis


Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is holding a session on the situation in Yemen, during which the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, will brief him on his latest tour.
In his briefing, the UN envoy to Yemen said, “Consultations were held in Yemen and with regional actors,” stressing that “the humanitarian and economic situation in Yemen must be addressed.”
“The infrastructure in Yemen has been greatly damaged since the start of the conflict,” Grundberg added, adding that “the humanitarian situation in Yemen is getting worse.”
The UN envoy made two calls to the Arab coalition and the Houthis during his briefing before the UN Security Council.
Addressing the Arab coalition, Grundberg said, “Sana’a airport must be opened to civil aviation.”
In his call to the Houthis, the UN envoy stressed that “the military escalation in Marib must stop.”

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