Urgent: Announcement of preliminary official statistics of the massacre committed by the Houthis in the Juba district


The local authority in Ma’rib Governorate (east of Yemen) announced, at dawn today, Monday, the preliminary statistics of the victims of the massacre committed by the Houthi coup militia on Sunday evening, in the Juba district.

The Marib Governorate website said that the bombing by the Houthi militia on Al-Amoud village in Al-Juba, with two ballistic missiles, resulted in the killing and wounding of 29 civilians, including women and children.

Earlier, multiple sources reported that the terrorist Houthi militia had targeted, with a ballistic missile, a mosque affiliated with the Salafist Center in the populated village of Al-Amoud in Al-Juba District.

According to the sources, the bombing resulted in deaths and injuries of civilians, most of whom were students of science who were sleeping inside the mosque.

Last Thursday, the Houthi militia targeted, with a ballistic missile, the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif al-Qibli Nimran in the village of al-Amud in the Juba district, killing 12 civilians, including women and children, injuring others and destroying a number of homes and properties.

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