Urgent demands from the men of the Al-Riyasha tribe in Al-Bayda for the Houthi group


A number of tribesmen in Al-Bayda Governorate, central Yemen, demanded the Houthi militia to hand over the killing of one of the residents of Al-Riyashiya area at the hands of a Houthi leader at Al-Tafa Point.

Tribal sources told the Yemeni scene that a number of men of the Al-Riyasha tribe in the Radaa district, Al-Bayda governorate, demanded the Security Directorate of the district hand over the killers of the thirty-year-old Mazen Tawfiq Qassem Al-Sanea Al-Riyashi, who was unjustly and aggressively killed at the “Al-Tuffa Point – Corporal”.

The sources added that the members of the Houthi point, which is supervised by the Houthi leader Abu Abdul Wahed, killed the young man, who belongs to the village of Mahaba in the Al-Riyashi district in Al-Bayda governorate, to which the killer also belongs, but from the Al-Arash district.

The sources confirmed that the Houthis killed al-Riyashi in cold blood after he was accused by the “Houthi point” of smuggling diesel, which the people deny and will not be a justification for the murder.

And he demanded that the tribesmen bring all his murderers, al-Riyashi, as a condition for receiving and burying his body without any procrastination. The Houthi militia also works to smuggle the killers and not hold them accountable.

Many of the people of Al-Riyashi district demanded that the case of the young Riyashi be turned into a public opinion case to pressure the Houthis so that the killers would be brought and prosecuted by publishing the militia’s crimes on all social media networks.

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