Urgent government directives regarding Hodeidah Governorate


Today, Monday, the internationally recognized Yemeni government directed the competent authorities to provide all necessary support and assistance to the displaced in Hodeidah Governorate in light of the latest developments.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik, directed the ministries, the competent authorities and the local authority in Hodeidah Governorate to provide all aspects of support and assistance necessary for the displaced.

During his meeting in the temporary capital of Aden, the governor of Hodeidah, Hassan Taher, the Prime Minister stressed the executive unit for managing the camps for the displaced to activate coordination with UN and international organizations to speed up the provision of food and shelter aid to the displaced families.

The Prime Minister listened from the Governor of Hodeidah to a report on the field situation in some districts of the province in light of the vacuum created by the departure of the joint forces from their positions, and the Houthi coup militia exploited them to expand their control and commit violations against civilians and forcing hundreds of families to flee to escape these violations.. Referring to the ongoing coordination Between the local authority and the government to provide the necessary shelter and assistance to the displaced families, in addition to the developments in the field with the continued resistance and rejection of the people of Tihama to the Houthi coup and its racist project.

Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik praised the courageous stances of the people of Hodeidah and Tihama, who rejected the Houthi coup, and for their standing in the face of these racist priestly militias, in light of the injustice, discrimination, violations and crimes they are subjected to in a systematic manner. The last of them are the pillars of the Fourth Brigade, the Tuhami Resistance, Colonel Haitham Berri and his companions, and all the martyrs of the battles to defend the homeland and the republic.

The Prime Minister stressed that the sacrifices of these heroes will culminate in victory in this fateful and existential battle against the Houthi militia and Iran’s bloody project in Yemen.. He indicated that the government, under the directives of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, stands with all strength on the side of the heroes on all fronts against the Houthi militia. “The Houthi militia does not believe in peace and is not part of its agenda, and it is just a tool to implement Iran’s bloody project in Yemen and the region,” he said.

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