Urgent: Great victories and rapid developments of the battles in Marib


The battles waged by the National Army and the popular resistance against the Houthi coup militia on various fronts in the Ma’rib Governorate witnessed rapid developments through which the government forces were able to achieve great victories.

Military and field sources said that the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, launched a counter-attack on the sites and gatherings of the coup militias in Serwah and Al-Juba districts.

The sources confirmed that, through the attack, the government forces managed to regain control of a number of sites in the “Dhanna” area of ​​Serwah district.

In Al-Juba district, the army and resistance forces were able to regain control of several locations in “Al-Faliha and Umm Rish”, amid continuing violent battles until now.

The confrontations that took place on the fronts of Al-Juba and Sirwah resulted in the deaths and injuries of dozens of Houthi militia fighters.

Earlier, the Media Center of the Armed Forces said that the army forces, backed by the popular resistance, defeated the Iranian Houthi militia from several locations south and west of Marib, incurring heavy losses in equipment and lives.

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