Urgent: Implementation of the Saudi authorities’ requirement to enter a number of places has begun


Today, Sunday, the Saudi authorities confirmed the start of applying the requirement of immunization with two doses of vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health when entering a number of places and activities.

The Saudi Ministry of Health stated that the requirement to receive two doses of the anti-Corona vaccine means the importance of completing the two doses regardless of the state of recovery from a previous infection or recovery with a single dose.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior had stipulated immunization with two doses of approved vaccines starting from six in the morning on Sunday 4 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443 AH corresponding to October 10, 2021 AD, as a condition for entering into any economic, commercial, cultural, recreational, sports or tourist activity, and for entering any cultural or other event. Scientific, social or recreational, and entering any governmental or private facility, whether to perform business or audit, and board planes and public transportation.

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