Urgent: Legitimacy officially declares the Abdiya district a disaster area


Today, Thursday, the local Marib authorities declared the Abdiya district a disaster area, after a suffocating siege imposed by the Houthi militia, more than three weeks ago, and the militia preventing the entry of food, medicine, water and other basic needs of citizens, in addition to the continuous bombing of civilians and residential villages in the district with missiles. Heavy and medium weapons.
The state-run Saba news agency quoted the Marib Health Office in a statement as saying, “The Al-Abdiyyah district is experiencing a human tragedy as a result of the applied siege that threatens the lives of 37,000 people, most of them are children, women and the elderly, and the bombing of the only hospital in it, and that the extent of the human suffering that may befall cannot be predicted.” He spoke in light of the continued bombing of villages and homes by the Houthi militia.

The statement condemned the bombing by the terrorist Houthi militia of the only hospital in the district, and the children’s food center in the hospital, while a number of children and wounded civilians received treatment for their injuries caused by targeting their homes yesterday morning.

The statement explained that the bombing caused great damage to the hospital, and forced the Health Department of the Directorate to evacuate the sick and wounded, including the wounded Houthi militia who were arrested by the legitimate government forces.

He pointed out that the bombing of Al-Abdiyyah Hospital comes as part of a systematic process followed by the Houthi militia to target health facilities, which has so far led to the destruction of 17 medical facilities and health facilities in the governorate, killing seven doctors and health professionals, and wounding seven other health personnel since the start of its war on the governorate in 2015.
The Marib Health Office of the International Red Cross called for an emergency response to the serious humanitarian situation in Abdiya and the speedy provision of urgent medical services. It called on international bodies to pressure the Houthi militia and implement the measures stipulated by international humanitarian law to open safe humanitarian corridors to rescue the affected, protect the population and civilian objects, and provide food. medicine for women and children, evacuating the wounded and sick, and stopping war crimes committed in the district.

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