Urgent movements of the coalition in Marib… and an American agency reporter reveals the distance that separates the Houthis from the city


The correspondent of the American Associated Press, Ahmed Al-Hajji, revealed urgent moves by the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy in Marib, after the Houthi militia advanced in the Juba district.

Al-Hajji said in a tweet via Twitter, that the coalition called the leaders of Marib to an urgent meeting, after the Houthi coup militia became on the outskirts of the Juba district.

As for the distance that separates the Juba district from the city of Ma’rib, the Associated Press correspondent said that the distance is estimated at 25 to 30 kilometers.

He pointed out that the legitimate government in Shabwa governorate dealt with the fall of the districts of Al-Ain, Bayhan and Usaylan, as if what had taken place there was a military maneuver by types of army forces, and the fall of cities was not at the hands of the Houthi militia.

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