Urgent: The coalition announces the military operations that stopped the Houthis’ storming of Abdiya


The spokesman for the Saudi-led Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, Brigadier Turki Al-Maliki, confirmed that the coalition’s air operations over the course of 18 days stopped the Houthi militia’s incursion into the Abdiya district, south of Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

Al-Maliki said that the coalition carried out (118) attacks to protect Yemeni citizens in Abdiya during the past 96 hours.

He confirmed the destruction of (15) military vehicles of the Houthi militia, and casualties exceeded (400) terrorist elements during the past 96 hours in Abdiya.

Al-Maliki stressed that UN and non-governmental organizations must assume their humanitarian responsibilities towards civilians trapped in Abdiya.

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