Urgent: The death of the governor of Hodeidah in the Houthi government, along with two of the most prominent leaders of the province in Harib, Marib


Today, Wednesday, prominent Houthi leaders were killed in an air strike by Arab coalition fighters, in the Marib Governorate (east of the country).
The sources said that the governor of Hodeidah in the unrecognized Houthi government, Muhammad Ayyash Qahim, the deputy governor of Hodeidah in the government of Ahmed al-Bishri, the commander of the so-called coastal defense brigade and the director of the war college in the Houthi government, were also killed in Ma’rib Governorate.
The sources confirmed that an air strike targeted Houthi leaders in the Harib-Marib front, while they were visiting the militia fronts to raise the morale of their fighters.

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