Urgent: The joint team achieved great victories in “Al-Jarrahi” .. and sources reveal the distance that separates it from the center of the directorate


The joint forces managed, during the past hours, to achieve major victories on the West Coast front in Al Hudaydah Governorate (western Yemen).

Military and field sources said that the joint forces managed to impose their control over a number of areas and villages in the Al-Jarrahi district, south of Hodeidah.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces reached the “Al-Masjid” area, which is located 6 km from the center of the Al-Jarrahi district in the south, and continued to advance towards the city of Al-Jarrahi, amid an accelerating collapse in the ranks of the Houthi militias.

For the third day in a row, the joint forces are engaged in violent and continuous battles against the Houthi coup militia, during which they were able to completely control the Hays district and large areas in the Jabal Al-Ras and Al-Jarrahi districts, south of Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

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