Urgent: The military situation exploded in Al-Alam camp in Shabwa, and the Transitional Council announced the burning of government military vehicles


On Thursday evening, military confrontations erupted between the government forces on the one hand, and the Shabwani elite of the Southern Transitional Council on the other, in the vicinity of the Al-Alam camp, east of Ataq, in Shabwa governorate (south of the country).
At a time when the Southern Transitional Council accused the government forces of attacking the Shabwani elite, the STC’s Aden channel announced the burning of military vehicles belonging to the government forces.
The channel said that the Shabwani elite and the southern resistance burned a number of military vehicles belonging to the Yemeni army, as they tried to approach the Al-Alam camp.
Military and field sources had spoken of a severe tension in the vicinity of the camp, days after the Emirati forces left, and the Shabwani elite were stationed there.

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