Urgent warning to “Yemenis” against providing money transfers to witches and sorcerers


The Yemeni Money Exchangers Association issued an urgent warning to citizens against providing remittances to witches and charlatans abroad.

In a statement received by Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni, she warned against dealing with witches and charlatans or responding to them on any social media.

It warned of the increasing number of victims of fraud, fraud and deception in the name of magic or treatment and improving fortune in exchange for transferring sums of money in foreign currency to witches and charlatans in Morocco, Senegal or elsewhere.

She called on the competent authorities to pursue those active gangs that transfer money to charlatans, fraudsters and charlatans.

In earlier times, hundreds of Yemenis complained of receiving messages on their phones or emails from these charlatans.

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