US Embassy Sana’a


The Houthis arrested, during the past hours, three employees who were working in the staff of the American embassy in Sana’a. They are:
– Abdel-Qader Al-Saqqaf, a former political advisor at the embassy.
– Mohamed Shamakh, an employee of the procurement department at the embassy.
– Abdul Hamid Al-Ajmi is an employee of the US Agency.

The Houthis have been arresting for weeks:
Jamil Ismail, an employee at the Economic and Commercial Attaché.
– Hisham Al-Wazir is an employee of the American Agency.
Shaif Al-Hamdani is an employee of the US Agency.
– Bassam Mardahi, an employee in the Investigations Department.
– Mohamed Kharashi, an employee in the investigations department at the embassy.

In mid-October, the Houthis began a campaign of arrests against a number of US embassy employees in Sana’a, some of whom were summoned to a meeting in “Sheraton” and others were arrested from their homes, and they were subjected to intensive investigations for several days, and a number of them were released a few days ago.

The campaign of arrests of US embassy employees in Sana’a was accompanied by the Houthi storming of the embassy headquarters and the exchange of guards with armed members of the group.

In February 2015, the American diplomatic staff left Sanaa and the embassy closed its doors, after the Houthis stormed the capital and before the start of coalition operations.

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